Web design trends to dominate the market this year

Web design trends to dominate the market this year

The web design vista is a constantly changing one, an entity which is constantly evolving, incorporating and creating the latest trends of visual aesthetics. Each year some new trends are launched which rules the market and as per the eternal rule, becomes a passé. New trends overtake them and so on.

It’s already the middle of the year, and we have compiled a list of design trends that have ruled the first half of this year and others which are to create a storm in the upcoming months.

 Typography: Big & Bold

On the home pages, of any reputable websites, we will prominent use of big and bold typography. But precise and concise are the two keywords here. One cannot just go on and on with this style. Only the main points are to be stated, so as the viewer’s eye with the most appropriate of words. It works best if the rest is kept minimal.


Cinemagraphs are small GIFs or videos, albeit high quality, that runs in a continuous loop, which adds visual interest and movement in otherwise static pages. They steal the user’s attention and peak their interests in a stunning and quite engaging manner.

Bright Gradients

Bright gradients are making a comeback, that too in a big way. A full-screen two-toned gradient washed background with big bold typography will make your webpage stand out where it matters, i.e in the mind of the user or viewer.


Duotones are a combination of two bright and contrasting colors, intended to catch both the eye and the attention of the viewer. When effectively done duotones give out warmth without compromising its vibrant look. Generally, two vibrant colors are used to create duotones, but there is no hard and fast rule and one can use subdued colors too. So be creative and go crazy on the color palette.


Another trend that has taken the web design world by storm is the use of cards, made popular by the likes of Pinterest and Netflix. Cards are clickable web sections that come in any shape or color or form. They generally contain an icon or an image, a title followed by minimal text. It’s very simple and not garish in any way and its main purpose is to entice the viewer to click through.